Cédric Delacquis is a passionate young oenologist. After graduating from the Haute École de Viticulture et d’Œnologie de Changins, he travelled around Switzerland and the world to make other people’s wines.

At the age of 30, he felt the need to sign his own wines, his artisan wines. Making wine for pure pleasure, he works his wines according to the rhythms of the moon, without filtration and without the use of oenological correction products.

Following this approach, the discovery of the vinification of orange wines had the effect of love at first sight. Falling in love with these unique nectars, he sees in this unusual colour a space of creative freedom for new sensations. He thus presents a range of authentic, innovative and unique wines.

Pareidolia 2019 – gastronomy orange wine
An orange wine made from a blend of Gewürztraminer and Pinot Blanc matured for 18 months in acacia barrels. Atypical, it overflows with scents of tropical fruits, lime, honey but also vine peach. In the mouth, the tannins contribute to the harmony of this powerful wine.


Aurantia 2019 – orange aperitif wine

Orange blend of Gewürztraminer and Pinot Blanc aged partially in stainless steel tanks. Thanks to the pellicular maceration, delicate scents of rose, lietchi and citrus fruits are harmoniously revealed. The mouth is fresh, balanced and slightly tannic.


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