Circuit – Vaud


Discover the uniqueness of Switzerland’s wines and get one bottle from the winery of your choice !

Make the Vaud Circuit :

  • Visit 6  Bio Wineries in Canton Vaud
  • Enjoy one glass of wine on each Winery
  • Learn about Bio Winemaking with experts
  • Choose your favorite Bio Wine
  • Receive one bottle of  your favorite wine at home

Valid for 1 person / Available for 1 year


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Visit includes one glass of wine in the following wineries and one wine bottle of your favorite winery :

  1. Domaine La Colombe
    Route du Monastère 1, 1173 Féchy
  2. Domaine de la Croix
    Route de Rolle 10, 1183 Bursins
  3. Chateau Eclepens
    Château d’En-Haut 3, 1312 Eclépens
  4. Château de Malessert
    Malessert 4, 1166 Perroy
  5. Domaine du Manoir
    Rue du Manoir 19, 1358 Valeyres-sous-Rances
  6. Bernard Gauthey
    Route de la Dime 2, 1321 Arnex-sur-Orbe



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