Swiss Wine Tourism Award 2021 – Best of Wine Tourism.

I am extremely honored to be one of the 15 finalists for the 2021 Swiss Wine Tourism Prize – Best of Wine Tourism.

Throughout my life, “being part” of a society, group or country has been extremely difficult for me. My way of thinking, my physical appearance or my accent when I speak 5 languages ​​are factors that penalized me a lot and made me doubt myself.

Today, I am infinitely grateful to all the wine growers, estates, professional wine colleagues and to my country Switzerland for allowing me to live from my passion which is “wine”. BioWineApp is free for producers and consumers to allow them to learn, discover, visit and enjoy the wonders of our land and Swiss cultural heritage.

If you need a guided tour with a professional or a private tasting, the cost is paid directly to the producers to receive and share their bottles without losing them.

Customers can also go directly through the producers and Bio Wine App which does not charge any commission. Bio Wine App is quite simply a way to get closer to our local products and to taste a glass of wine made with respect for traditions and nature directly in the cellar.

I invite you to download the application, discover our new website and visit the wineries. 

Cheers !


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